i'm on to you and all over you

i had a dream last night
about sara bareilles
at least that is how
she introduced herself
i had some doubts
i said you’re not
going to write me a love song
and she said, really
that’s the first thing you say to me
i shrugged, because it felt
like a shrugging moment, you know
still she looked more like
someone i know well
but haven’t met yet
i went along ’cause
cute is cute, amiright
she said i’m really her
want to do a dna test
and i resisted the urge to reply
that i have something right here
to swab her saliva with, baby
you’re impressed
then she started playing piano
she asked if she could sing me
her newest song, i asked
if she had any snacks
and she started her intro
i wrote this song to explain
that feeling i get sometimes
when my heart feels muzzled
and my soul sprouts wings, but
isn’t cleared for takeoff despite
clear skies, tantalizing close
to what i want, or think i want
and maybe it’s not so much him
as the him he could be if
he wore the armor of an emotional
hero and stopped thinking
that i’m colbie caillat
and held my hand
when i pretend to not want him to
you know that feeling
i replied


3 thoughts on “i'm on to you and all over you

  1. haha. I loved this too. Also, I must admit, that as soon as I read “want to check my dna,” I totally started thinking with the mind of a perverted 12 year old.

    Blame for this lapse in my ladylike persona can be placed squarely on my boyfriend, whose reply most certainly would have been, “I’ve got a dna swab for you…in my pants” a la JFK from Clone High (which I made the mistake of introducing him to).

    Anyway…high five!

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