I'm not just too sexy for MY cat, I'm too sexy for ALL cats

I do this thing, you know, where the most obvious knowledge nuggets in the world amaze me.  For example, this past week I spent a lot of time with relatives and one day it dawned on me, “Wow.  We share a lot of the same traits.”

Shocking, right?

I have a cousin from Ontario.  I see him every couple of years.  He’s… 27?  Ish.  Maybe?  Whatever.  I think he may be the relative with the most similar wiring to my own.  (Well, my niece and I are also very similar — tall, cute, modest…)

Dude is also tall and sarcastic.  And he knows that the funniest references are always pop culture references from the ’80s.

At one point the other day a conversation eventually led to wild meat that I enjoy.

Peter:  I pretty much like anything that can be made into a burger.   Moose, deer, small Asian families and…

Cousin: Panda bears.

See?  That is the exact correct item to go next in that sequence.  

It’s like the SATs for the DNA of completely random loons. (CRLs.)

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