I'm a sucky blogger…

For real.

I never share anything personal. (I find it odd that someone with a raging ego like myself doesn’t like to talk about himself.)

So, I’ve decided to try to sit down here each day and just type. Whatever comes out I’ll post. I’m not going to edit it to try to make myself seem clever — which will become painfully obvious, I fear.

Today’s topic:

“The Bachelor”

I’ve watched at least one episode of pretty much every crappy reality show (oxymoronic?) that’s been on TV.

And now my cute (now ex) Italian girlfriend (CIGF) has talked me into watching “The Bachelor” with her. This was the only reality show that I had managed to avoid completely. HAD. X-CIGF doesn’t watch much TV, so it’s hard to turn down a viewing request from her.

Granted, part of me suspects that she wants me to watch it because she knows that it’ll lead to exchanges like this one:

ME: What is The Bachelor doing? If it was me, I would pick that brunette.

X-CIGF: Oh, you would, WOULD you?

In my prime I would have seen that coming a mile away.

I wonder if when The Bachelor gets down to the last couple women, does he ever think “Holy crap, I’ve made a huge mistake.” And does he ever get the urge to bring back one he already sent home? (See “From Canada, Sarah”)

(Sarah Blondin, from Winnipeg.)

Watching this show with X-CIGF makes it a unique viewing experience. For example, when I am watching something with my male friends, I rarely ever hear, “Stop looking at her ass.” And she’s always right when she accuses me of it!

X-CIGF is more focused on the clothing that these women wear than I — or anybody man on earth — would be. X-CIGF, like most women, cares about clothes. Which is bad for me since I am, well, a guy.

X-CIGF has (very understandably) taken exception with many items of my clothing. My reply was “If you don’t like them, buy me new clothes to replace them with.” And, much to my surprise, she has been. And doing a kickass job with it. My birthday and Xmas involved me getting some very cool clothes. (Of course, I only know they are cool because she told me they were.) X-CIGF has awesome taste. But, I totally expected her to just say, “Okay, jackass, if you are happy dressing like the drummer from Hootie & The Blowfish, have a ball.”

(Wow, me writing without some kind of plan isn’t looking too sexy right now, eh? Lemme see if I can pull this back together…)

I will admit that clothing — and image in general — really do factor in to how you view a person. Look at Britney Spears. In her videos, she came across as a sex kitten. In real life, she looks like… mobile home refuse.

Speaking of Britney, I find it interesting that she went from…

Playing in her parents lap…


The lap of luxury…


Driving with her son on her lap…

and likely to

Giving lapdances for cheetos money.

(Maybe tomorrow’s entry will be better.)

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