I'm a bit of an ass

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  1. Avitable says:

    Try wunderground.com/tropical/.

    That’s what I do.

    And the kid has a pillow – what more does he need?

  2. Kara B says:

    FYI- geek chic is all the rage here in the States. Hang tight- it’ll take Canada by storm in a year or two.

    Side note: Having a big heart is always in vogue.

  3. Mood Indigo says:

    My heart just did that weird leap/stuck in throat thing when I zoomed in on that little guy. Seriously – if being an ass means taking the time to recognize the impact of something like this on these little guys – well, you are a very nice ass indeed :)

  4. Airam says:

    “a little twerp”

    I love the cute little nicknames.

    And you’re not an ass.

  5. mindy says:

    I like the little guy in the plaid shirt. I want him to be MINE. Adorable.

    Storms scare me. Almost as much as conversion vans.

  6. jamelah says:

    Yeah, I think if you were truly an ass, you wouldn’t actually care about the little twerp on the rainbow pillow.

  7. Peter says:

    avitable: Are you also a storm dork?

    kara b: Whooo! Wait… are you saying that we are a year or two behind?

    mood indigo: Adorable little tyke, eh?

    airam: I know quite a few people that would argue with you on that point. ;)

    mindy: Plaidy O’Plaidery is all yours!

    jamelah: Thanks! Maybe it is just that I am half-assed at being an ass?

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