I'm a bit of an ass

I’m also a bit of a dork.

This post combines both. Two’fer!

I’ve always had a fascination with storms. Hurricanes, tornadoes — well, you know what storms are.

I even thought about becoming a meteorologist at one point. This was just after I had extricated myself from my university’s engineering program (What was I thinking?) But, it was before I realized that majoring in physics probably wasn’t going to fly either. (Seriously… had I even met me?)

It is important to note that, at the time, I was rocking 6 tonnes of styling gel in my hair and both of my ears were adorned with an alternating line-up of diamond studs and gold hoops. I’m just saying that it’s probably best not to put too much stock in my judgment at the time. (Although I stand by the cowboy boots. Completely.)

So, yeah, I am the guy that watches all of those storm shows on Discovery. I don’t think that there is a single second of tornado footage that I haven’t already seen. I’ve even done some research into those storm chasing vacation dealies.

As mentioned, me = huge dork.

As you might imagine, in my role as crown prince of the geeky, I’ve been following this Hurricane Dean stuff pretty closely. And, while I am very sympathetic to the plight of all of those in it’s path, I still find myself watching it with… I guess, a detached interest.

It’s not like watching a movie, obviously, but watching CNN and reading cnn.com from the comfort of your home certainly takes away from the reality of the situation. You know?

Well, at least it did, for me, until I saw this photo from a church/shelter in the Dominican Republic.

The little noggin on the rainbow pillow… Come on.

And now I feel like a giant ass for being intrigued by something that could put such a little twerp in danger.

0 thoughts on “I'm a bit of an ass

  1. FYI- geek chic is all the rage here in the States. Hang tight- it’ll take Canada by storm in a year or two.

    Side note: Having a big heart is always in vogue.

  2. My heart just did that weird leap/stuck in throat thing when I zoomed in on that little guy. Seriously – if being an ass means taking the time to recognize the impact of something like this on these little guys – well, you are a very nice ass indeed :)

  3. I like the little guy in the plaid shirt. I want him to be MINE. Adorable.

    Storms scare me. Almost as much as conversion vans.

  4. avitable: Are you also a storm dork?

    kara b: Whooo! Wait… are you saying that we are a year or two behind?

    mood indigo: Adorable little tyke, eh?

    airam: I know quite a few people that would argue with you on that point. ;)

    mindy: Plaidy O’Plaidery is all yours!

    jamelah: Thanks! Maybe it is just that I am half-assed at being an ass?

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