if you’ve ever wondered if you’ve been in love

If you’ve ever wondered whether or not you’ve been in love, you haven’t.

You haven’t.

You may have been in lust.

You may have been smitten or besotted.

It just wasn’t love.

If you could breathe enough to discuss the possibility of losing love, it wasn’t love.

If they weren’t your best friend, it wasn’t love.

If the thought of a future without them hasn’t made you sick to your stomach, sweaty, cold, dizzy and caused a pulse to beat rapidly behind your eyes, it wasn’t.

I’m sure it was something.

I don’t mean to belittle.

I don’t mean to judge.

But I will.

And I am.

Love isn’t dibs. You can’t just call it.

And it pisses me off when people just throw it around.

Love is goddamn unmistakable.

Love highlights your best and inspires you to work on your worst.

Love makes you create.

Love makes you need to create.

It is undeniable.

It is insatiable.

Love is everything.

If you’ve willingly thrown your heart in a crusher to protect theirs.

If you’ve lost more sleep than you thought possible.

If you’ve fought for it.

If you’ve laid it all on the line, throwing out pride and ego, and pouring every ounce of energy and emotion into fighting for it.

That’s love.

That’s love.

Be worthy of it.

How do you find love?

When it is the right person at the right time, it’ll find you.

It’ll own you.

It’ll show you wonderful possibilities.

It’ll feed you.

Above all else, it’ll change you.

And you’ll be so fucking thankful that it did.





photo credit: James Horn via photopin cc

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