If you know anything about me, you know that…

I brings the ruckus to the ladies.

(Wait.  That’s not it.)

If you know anything about me, you know that yesterday was my birthday.

(There it is.)

And I want to thank everyone for the birthday calls, texts, smoke signals, e-mails, she-males, telegraphs, Facebook wall posts/messages/gifts, crudely drawn nude self-portraits, and new socks.

I meant to post a link to my b-day post from last year.  It was the one and only guest post in the long and storied history of PeterDeWolf.com.   And now I will.

Instead I left my blog all un-updated and alone and cold.  (Sort of) speaking of, have you ever listened to Frightened Rabbit’s “Keep Yourself Warm?”  You should.  Now.  Well, not NOW.  As soon as you finish reading this.  I mean, if you want to grab a drink or use the washroom first, that is OK too.  I suppose.  But as soon as you finish reading this and using the washroom, you HAVE to listen to that song.  Got it?

Even though I dropped the ball yesterday, a couple of bloggers mentioned my birthday in posts! Far Bee said all kinds of nice (AND ACCURATE) things about me in this post. And JenBun mentioned me in a post that also mentioned The Gandharvas “First Day of Spring!”  Go read them too.  Follow your heart on whether or not you do it before all the drinking and trips to the washroom.  I’m not the boss of you.


So, yeah, I’ve given you lots to do.  And I’m busy too.

Bringing all sorts of ruckus.


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