if you found the words, would you really say them?

streaks of red-orange sky
lead the way to his destination
the kind of empyrean perfection
made him think
of her
it often made him
reach out to her
but not this time
she was sitting
beside him
she had
caught him
and smiling at her
her seat tilted back
her pretty little foot
up on the dash
who in the fuck
has pretty feet
she looked
to him
to be more
in the moment
than anyone
he had ever seen
he was jealous
sort of
he was in awe
he had never been
in the moment
like that
he didn’t think
she picked the music
he had pretended to fight her
she had made a face
at “nightswimming”
he had fought the urge
to just
give in
and give her
whatever she wanted
for about four seconds
he decided it was time
he pushed the issue again
to put up some
testicular facade
she gently reminded
that he once told her
that the song
made him think of
a girl
he knew
a millions years ago
he cringed
he tossed the rem cd
out the window
“had that since college”
he said
all too proud
of his show of devotion
“when I was in college
we downloaded music.”
even evil glints
in her eyes
melted him
maybe especially
he loved talking to her
in a car
all her words
were his
she turned back to her window
her head moving to the music
and tears

he was staring at her leg
he was smitten
through the clouds
almost persimmon fingers
beckoned them west
highway sign
10 kms
to their destination
his stomach

8 thoughts on “if you found the words, would you really say them?

  1. Googled the word empyrean and was provided with this from wiki: “The word is also used to describe people who have big noses.” =)

    No but seriously this was gorgeous.

  2. This reminds me of such an awesome feeling/moment, on a drive exploring a new place with one person that the balance of comfortable, even welcome silence is as engaging and familiar as easy conversation has always been. I love those moments.

    Good piece, sir.

  3. Nicole and Jennifer, with all due respect, you can both shut the hell up.


    I kid, I kid.

    While working on a sports writing project, I pointed out to my wife that a person born the year she graduated from college (and I graduated from high school) is now able to play for an NBA team.

    Then she hit me.

  4. i found your blog when i google’d my friend’s status update, which was the title to this post.
    she was quoting lyrics to a junior boys song, parallel lines.
    did that song inspire this post?
    anyhow, i’m a fan of junior boys’ music. now i’m a fan of your writing.

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