if you are reading this, you should be drabbling!

[I couldn’t very well ask you all to write drabbles and then not try one myself, could I?  Actually I suppose I totally could.  But I didn’t.  Here is mine.  It’s not eligible to win the “contest.”  I tried to give myself a virtual lapdance once.   It was just weird.]

“… a message at the beep.”


“Admittedly that wasn’t a great first date.  We both know it.  Is that any reason not to try again?  We hear stories about long-term relationships that got off to rocky starts, right?  Set-ups are awkward.  Figuring out why someone would match you with this person.  Trying to live up to whatever has been said about you.  I’m relatively sure that on a second date, in a better-lit, less-crowded place, when I get up to go to the washroom, I won’t accidentally dip my erection in your soup again.  Call me!”


Here are some real entries from some talented bloggers:



accidentally graceful

Melissa Leeanne



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6 Responses

  1. Shelley says:

    I wrote one but it got away from me and it’s actually sad. I wanted to write a happy one. I’ll keep trying.

  2. Shaba says:

    So I’m too lazy to actually look up your email and instead have decided to post my drabble on your comment section.

    Bathing in the afterglow of love and wine, they spoke of love, lost and found. Tipsy and emotional she dissolved into tears. She tried to explain, scared he’d think she missed an old flame. With words hazy from merlot she told him she cried because she hurt for them, those people she once loved. They didn’t have what she found with him. To her surprise his face held no discomfort at the names of past lovers, only understanding. And when she broke down in his arms he held her.
    And held her.
    Until the morning light demanded they let go.

  3. brandy says:

    I’m going to attempt to write a drabble while surrounded by a gaggle of girls this weekend Peter. THAT’S HOW SERIOUSLY I’M TAKING THE DRABBLE.

  4. Emmz says:

    Oops I did it again… (words borrowed from some crazy strangly dressed ‘pop star’)


    On a side note I’m now consumed with working in 100 words, it could be a new obsession, although usually I’m much more verbose…..

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