If My Blog Was Anonymous

In yesterday’s post, I wondered whether or not my writings would change if my name wasn’t on the site. So, I sat down this morning and tried to pretend I was anonymous. This is what came out. Maybe being anonymous wouldn’t make that big a difference with me after all…


She was closed and broken.

He was open and kind.

She was indifferent.

He wanted it.

She acted like it was more than just a fuck.

He acted like he didn’t give a fuck.

And they fucked.

She was disappointed when his guard went up.

He loved when her guard came down… a little.

She was surprised.

He wasn’t.

His warmth was more enjoyable than she expected.

Her indifference was more troubling than he anticipated.

Still… they connected.

Afterwards, she acted unlike herself.

So did he.

She wanted him to stay.

He got up and left.

It made him sad.

It made her sad… mostly.

She learned that maybe she could have more.

He learned that he needed more.

She was left a little bit softer.

He was left a little bit harder.

The world kept spinning.

0 thoughts on “If My Blog Was Anonymous

  1. Still feels fairly Peter DeWolf-ish. Perhaps a little less pop-culturey, but still, there is that sense of content and style that feels like you wrote it.

    I suppose the reason would be that you’ve been remarkably open on this blog and haven’t really left much to hide for use only under the veil of anonymity. Perhaps?

  2. it says something about me that every time i read this i think “the world keeps spinning and she keeps on grinning. but tell me what happens when it stops?”

    not sure what though.

  3. james: I suppose that I write pretty much exactly like I talk. As for openness… I don’t feel like I am overly open on this blog, to be honest. Or in real life, now that I think about it.

    Jazz/Eve/Erika: Thanks! I honestly didn’t expect positive feedback on it.

    HRC: I’ll tell you what it says about me… I’d lop off a toe to have seen that karaoke performance.

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