i write letters to my future wife, present readers (& a challenge!)


I’ve been writing letters to my future wife since 2007. I “Holy poop!”-ed when I went back to check.

5 years.

They are still one of the things I most enjoy writing.

Here are some of my favourites:

this one somehow got a little fliiirrrty, future wife

it’s when they wrap their little fingers around mine, future wife

on this you can depend, future wife

I’ve recently seen that other folks have been writing them too. I think that’s awesome. Everyone should write them.

Everyone SHOULD write them.


You know, I think YOU should write one.

All of you.

With the power vested in me by the makers of WordPress, I declare this “Write a Letter to Your Future Spouse Week!”

(If you’re married, why not write one to your spouse?)

They’re a lot of fun!


Come on.

I don’t ask you for much.

Just to read my blog.

And buy my books.

And lavish me with praise.

They really are enjoyable to write.

I can’t wait to see what you characters come up with.


photo credit: Millzero Photography via photopin cc

30 thoughts on “i write letters to my future wife, present readers (& a challenge!)

  1. Letters to My Future Wife have always been my favourite. I think our first twitter interaction (twiteraction?) was about how I would save them to read before bed because they were the coolest and you were the best.

    Challenge accepted.

    (Come to think of it, I’m pretty sure there has yet to be a challenge or offer you’ve thrown out that I haven’t accepted. Persuaaaaaaasive. And a good idea-er.)

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