i wonder what else i could get them to do

It blows my mind sometimes, when people from all over the world – that I’ve never met – do something I’ve asked.

It makes me feel all powerful!

Like a charismatic cult leader.

(Which, frankly, is a job I think I’d rock at. I would be awesome at telling people what to do all the time. You know, right up until they bugged me while American Pickers was on.)

I know they’re doing it because one out of my 5768 ideas that week was a good one, and not realllly because I asked. But I’ll take credit.

So last week I asked people to write their own future spouse letters.

And they did!

You should totally go check them all out. And leave them some comment love, if you have the time.

Eleni Zoe









They are all unique and awesome.

And those of you who commented that you were going to write one, but haven’t gotten around to it yet, you totally should do it!

It’s fun!

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