i was asked to name my favourite parts

The timing was good, as it’s all I’ve been thinking about.

My favourite moments?

That sounds simple enough.


How do you explain…


You know?

It’s in the way that she walks.

Like every step is both celebration and a potential lift off.

It’s playful, but feminine.

It’s with a purpose, but part of a dance.

It’s in the way she smiles.

Like she’s exploding with happy and a bit shy about it.

It’s goofy, but warm.

It’s charming, but full of oooops.

It’s in the way she touches me.

Like she’s building consensus and anticipation.

It’s an invitation, but an event on its own.

It’s a necessity, but an addiction.

The best kind.

It’s kisses in the dark, brazenly straddling the line between late night and early morning, with an unknown instigator but undeniable momentum.

It’s learning that Back Rub Ave. is a two-way street. And taking it often.

It’s a hug that just fits. Standing, reclining, every point in between.

It’s a bar so completely and permanently raised.

And held with two hands. Of vastly different sizes.

It’s a girl that fills the list with more checks than there are boxes.

It’s plans and hopes and wishes and expectations and needs and wants and fires and one desiiiiires and… everything, all of it, completely surpassed.

Yet it is just the beginning.

It’s the counting of days until the next time.

And this morning it is one less.

7 thoughts on “i was asked to name my favourite parts

  1. Whenever I read one of your blog posts that’s about “a girl”, I always have “I’ll Never Break Your Heart..” playing in my head.

    I hope that gets stuck in your head. You’re welcome.

    (Hi Ashley.)

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