i want to be appreciated, future wife

Hi hi. future wife.

I feel like I bring a lot to the table. And while I probably won’t make a lot of outrageous demands on a daily basis – though there will be a few boudoir requests *suggestive eyebrow raise* – I’ll really want you to notice the nice things I do.

I leave love notes. Sometimes on post-its, or in emails or texts or WhatsApps,

Sometimes in blog posts.

Even in sleepy whispers.

I will not rest when you’re having a bad day. I’ll dole out so many hugs and noggin kisses when we’re together. I’ll send a voice note with a joke to cheer you up when we’re apart.

I’ll give you soooo many back rubs, (even on the phone!) I will rub until I literally can’t hold my hands up anymore, if that’s what you need.

I won’t want you to have sleepless nights while I am getting Zzzzzs. If you’re awake, I want to be awake, trying to help you get to sleep.

I’m going to learn to sleep without a TV being on.

I’m kind of a big galoot, but I’ll try my best to be quiet when I wake up before you.

I’ll always make coffee in the morning.

I’ll always do dishes and laundry.

I’ll spoil you when you’re sick. Hell, I’ll spoil you when you’re not.

I will never hold back compliments that come to mind.

I will never hold back “I love you”s. If things are good between us, or bad. If you’re being a little bit of a pain in the ass. If we’re tired. If we’re hungry. If there’s a pesky Zombie Apocalypse. I will NEVER hold back an “I love you. ”

I’ll write you a silly poem (with rhyming!) if I think it will give you a smile.

Your battles will be my battles. Your successes will mean the world to me.

I’ll use my strengths to fill in for your weaknesses.

I’ll be mature enough to let you use your strengths to fill in for mine.

You’ll feel like you can be your worst you and still get my best me.

You’ll always feel wanted.

You’ll always feel listened to.

I’ll remember what you tell me.

I will forgive.

I won’t dwell in the past, when we should be making out in the present and planning the future.

Day or night, together or apart, I’m there for you. I will always, always, always have your back.

You’ll understand what a true partnership is.

I’ll keep growing and evolving. I’l always want to keep getting better and better at being a husband.

But I’ll never stop being a lovable goofball.

You’ll tell your friends over drinks, “Hey just… gets it. And gets me.”

And I’ll make you smile that smile that only I can cause.

I’ll do these things forever, but I’ll need you to do some stuff too.

I want you to love such treatment. I want you to expect it.

I really want you to appreciate it. And show it.

I need you to feel like the luckiest woman.

And I want you to know that I’m going to try every day to make you feel even luckier.

I love you.






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