I think we know who wears the Dora the Explorer pants in this relationship…

The ACN (Adorably Cute Niece) is here for the weekend. So, expect shorter posts than usual. Little chick does NOT like sharing me with the computer.

At all.

I was trying to get a good pic of her missing front teeth, but she kept giggling, turning away and putting her hand in front of her mouth.

This is the best of the lot.


She seems to be coming down with a cold. Sore throat. Lots of sneezies.

And it may have been affecting her mood a bit yesterday morning…

Unc: Your Mommy said that you were very excited when she was telling your bus driver that you’d be visiting Uncle Pete today.

ACN shakes her head.

Unc: You weren’t excited?

ACN shakes her head.

Unc: Are you happy that you are here now?

ACN shakes her head.

Unc does a loud (mostly) fake *sniffle*.

ACN giggles.

Unc: You want to go home?

ACN: Yeah.

Unc: Want me to leave you on the side of the road for the gypsies?


Unc: Your mommy and daddy are working. Is Nipper going to take care of you at home?

ACN: (Pondering for a few moments.) Yeah.

Unc: He’s a puppy!!!

Then she made me text her mommy to tell her that she wanted to go home — as she giggled and giggled.

Unc: So, Unc is a bad unc?

ACN: Yeah.

Unc: No.

ACN: Yeah.

Unc: No!

ACN: Yeah!


ACN shrieks with laughter.


A little later, we decided to go for a walk. We put on her little pink boots. We tucked in her shirt. We started to put her arm in her winter coat and then…

We had a bit of a rhubarb.

She did not want to wear a coat.

It was too cold for her to go without one.

And there was yelling. And there were tears.

But, I held firm.

Still, I knew she wouldn’t forget it…

Hours later, I was giving her some milk. She burped. I asked her to give me the sign for “excuse me.”

She shook her head “no.”

I said “Yes.”

She shook her head.

I said, “YES.”

And then it escalated.

There was GRRRRRRing. (Me.)

There was screaming. (Her.)

Her Irish temper really came out.

But, eventually, we solved things. I won’t get into the fine print of the cease fire agreement, but suffice it to say there was no clear winner…

I fed her Cheesies (Cheese-Its) 45 minutes before dinner and then put myself in time out.

0 thoughts on “I think we know who wears the Dora the Explorer pants in this relationship…

  1. “We had a bit of a rhubarb.” haha i’ve never heard that one but it made me crack up.

    How incredibly adorable is she! Have a great weekend with her :-)

  2. Way to be firm. I’m proud of you. She is cute. Sometimes it’s important to break the rules and feed them ice cream and cheese-its for dinner. If it’s not every day then it becomes a nice special occasion. Then you have to come down hard on them next time to even it out.

  3. She really is adorable! I love the missing teeth!
    She and everyone who reads this blog knows she has you wrapped around her little finger!

  4. she’s got your number. you never stood a chance.

    and anyone who is anyone knows they don’t make Dora the Explorer pants in your size anyway. =)

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