I think I'm going to reply with "GRRRR."

A little while ago, I was lying on my comfy, comfy bed. Very cozy. Trying to come up with a word doodle.

My phone made it’s textynoise.

It was The Monkey.

“Can you bring me my ipod because you love me so much!!!!!!”

So I did.

But first I texted back “LAZY.”

And it is fucking cold out.


I’m generally impervious to cold. Just now tested that theory.

I got there and passed her the ipod. She checked to make sure the Jay-Z song she wanted was on it.

I was getting ready to leave — after a little fight about whether or not she said “Thanks” — and told her if I had known how cold it was, she’d still be waiting for it.

I just got back home and my phone rang again. Another text from her.

“I know. I will admit it! I knew it was cold too and didn’t want to go out and freeze my butt off! So really I am the smart one!!!”

5 thoughts on “I think I'm going to reply with "GRRRR."

  1. I want a smart-ass kid like that to give her father grief. And so that we can get up to mischief.

    I did not mean for that to rhyme. Guess you can’t supress the poet in me.

    Oh I did it again.

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