i still love the west wing

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you probably know that I dig The West Wing.  And that I enjoy understatements.

The Delightful One and I have been watching it for the past week. She’d never seen a single episode before. I… I didn’t even know that was possible.

How awesome is it when a girl will watch The West Wing with you? Totally makes up for her bailing after 16 minutes of Firefly.

16 minutes.

Despite us bragging up her coolness for being willing to watch it on Twitter.


And even after making me watch two full Twilight movies. Which, if I’m not mistaken, had a combined running time of FOR-FRIGGIN’-EVER.

We started at the very beginning of The West Wing. I swear the episodes are even more wonderful than last time I watched them.

But there is a problem when I watch The West Wing.

Something happens to me…

It unlocks the Josh side of my personality.

I mostly try to keep it under wraps. Especially when a certain girlfriend says things like “Siiiiigh. Sometimes you’re a lot to take, Peter.” (Can you even imagine??)

After a few episodes, my strut comes back out. The arrogance level moves up a few notches. And the smirking? My word the smirking.

I say things like, “You know, I think I’d look rather dashing in a sweater vest.”

And “I feel especially cute today.”

We have conversations like this.

Her: “I like you.”

Me: “I don’t blame you. I’m kinda awesome.”

Personally I think it just makes me even more charming.

I’m sure she thinks so too.  Down deep.

Even if she has to put up with me saying “Oh!  This next episode is SO good!” about every single episode.

Now I’m going to try to suppress my inner Sam and fight the urge to re-write this post seven times.

18 thoughts on “i still love the west wing

  1. I can’t wait to watch The West Wing with my future Husband! Like it’s the first thing we’l do on our wedding night.

    Also, Ashley: “This next episode REALLY IS SO GOOD.”

  2. I finished watching The West Wing for the first time ever a few months ago – it was a non-stop, two episodes every day after work kind of marathon – and this post makes me think it’s about time I started rewatching it.

    Yep. Adding it back to the ol’ Netflix queue.

  3. I couldn’t help but go #TWSS on this quote:

    “Siiiiigh. Sometimes you’re a lot to take, Peter.”

    Besides that, I think you’re one of the luckiest men in the world. Stories like this help restore my faith in humanity.

    I should really start watching the show again. I own a beautiful DVD box which looks like the white house (I’m not sure if that’s standard or not) but can’t seem to find the time to get started on it. I should make time.

  4. I used to watch this show with my dad every single Wednesday night. One time they were filming on location in DC and I got to meet (by character), the President, Charlie, Josh, Toby, and Donna. My then-bf got Martin Sheen to sign his voter registration card (how appropriate!) but I was too star-struck so I sort of just… stood there. Biggest regret to this day.

    Love the comment about the Josh-swagger. He is my television boyfriend. I loved with Mary Louise Parker was on the show with him.

    I tend to say “It’s going to be an unbearable day” (a la Donna) at work a lot. I made my fiance sit through a few episodes and he really liked it, but then we got caught up in The Office and put WW on hold. Now I think it’s time… THE NEXT EPISODE IS SO GOOD!

  5. I have not seen The West Wing either. My parents used to watch it but at the time I was not interested. Now? I’d love to, but it is not on Netflix Instant so it means I need to buy it or borrow it etc and that has not happened yet.

    Also, if someone tells me I’m pretty I fight every urge in my body to say “why of course!” Or something equally arrogant. I blame my parents.

  6. i’m really ashamed to admit that although i am a huge sorkin fan and i love the west wing, i don’t think i got past season 4? i have heard from sources that it goes downhill from there, BUT i still wish to finish it all. as a matter of fact, i might make camp in my bed right now (after three+ hours of cooking, i am spent) and start over from the beginning. oh, josh lyman. i am coming, don’t you worry.

    • See I didn’t think it really went downhill.

      I like Sorkin too, but after he left the writing… evolved into something a little different. But still good.

      I think you should absolutely finish it.

  7. Firefly is the greatest show of all time.

    **sigh** I liked the idea of Ashley too. I’m disappointed that we can NEVER SPEAK TO HER AGAIN.

    I love Nathan Fillion.

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