I STILL Don't "Get" Art

I mentioned a while back in here that I don’t really get art.

Yeah, that’s still the case.

Earlier today I was looking at a post on LAist about the top ten artists in LA. I decided to check them out. Surely if they are the best ones, I’ll find something that speaks to me, right?


I totally get that these people are talented. I couldn’t draw/paint things that look like… well, things. So, I can appreciate that part of it.

And I understand that a lot of art has a message of some sorts. Like one of those dudes has a painting called “4-headed hydra of Madison Ave.” or some such. I get it. He thinks advertising is evil. Yeah, well, water is wet.

I want to see art that makes me stop and say, “Wow.”

I did see some photos from the Banksy show in L.A. that showed pieces that impressed me. Some of it was very clever. But, I don’t think that it moved me.

I also get that art would have to be seen in person to be fully appreciated. But, shouldn’t I feel a little something even from photos online?

Am I a robot inside, people??

So, my mission for you good folks is to find art online someplace that will move me. Even if it is just a little bit. What are your favourites?

You can link it in the comments or e-mail me directly.

I also don’t “get” poetry, but one step at a time.


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  1. This is weird! I almost wrote something today about how stupid it is to think that food can be art. I didn’t write it because well…it was going to take too long and for a change I had something more productive to do with my time.

    As for being moved by Art, I did see an exhibit at the Dalhousie Art galary over 10 years ago. It had something to do with cancer. It moved me momentarily, but I guess since I can’t remember what the exhibit was or who the artist was, it couldn’t have been that moving.

    Finally poetry….don’t even get me started. It’s not that I don’t get it, I don’t get why people write it or enjoy reading it. I find it rather annoying and pretentious.

  2. From Erika, who is having blogger problems:

    “Hmmm…perhaps I am biased on this topic (being an accomplished painter and published poet myself) but art in general is meant to connect to you in some way. Some pieces make a statement about something very obvious and particular but the best thing about say, a painting, is that 10 people could look at it in a gallery and see 10 different interpretations. And probably none of them have the same meaning that the artist was trying to convey. Art in all forms – it is what it is. Don’t over analyze or else you’ll miss the point. It is more about the experience of being an observer (or reader, etc) than anything else. And, it gets people talking. What could be better? Well, besides that.”

  3. http://www.webstergalleries.com/fournier.htm

    These are works of my favourite artist, Real Fournier, who is out in Calgary. My sister and I visited the gallery where he is the resident artist a number of years ago and met him – he’s a lovely person and that certainly contributes to my enjoying his work. Who knows why you like something – his work just makes me smile. I own three. :)

  4. Don’t feel bad. I don’t often ‘get’ art either. Everyting i think looks great, everyone else thinks is shit. Pretty much the same with music and movies too.

    Now, give me FASHION, that’s art, and i know much about that ;)

  5. no you arent a robot i hate the direciton these aretists are tkaing too all those pictures look like they should have their own series on cartoon network or something….

  6. Thanks to everyone who posted and sent in things for me to check out.

    Some VERY interesting stuff.

    And a special welcome back to Steph. Glad to see you are back online and on the mend.

  7. Art and Poetry are both mysteries to me. I’ve always felt that there is “good” art I’ve seen and poetry I’ve read, but the stuff that I’m told is good… Not so much.

  8. I am pleased to visit your website, and would like to inform you that
    I will have a show starting March 7 to 28, ”illusions of colour”.
    There will be 24 paintings all in 3D style… 3D glasses available at the show
    at Webster Galleries inc., Calgary, AB, Canada

    Thank you for your appreciation!
    Réal Fournier

  9. Hello Peter, I read your blog about “I Don’t Get Art” in which you asked people to send you links on artwork. I hope that you would have a chance to visit our web-site http://www.webstergalleries.com. Our gallery features only paintings from Canadian artists, and they are quite easy to understand as most of them are representational works.

    We have found in our nearly 30 years of owning/operating a gallery that people usually buy pieces that make them feel good, or make them think of a place they’ve been or would like to go.

    Let me know what you think

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