I rock votes…

I just went to vote.  

Despite it being nice and warm in Peteville today, they had the heat in the polling joint set to “tropical like a motherfucker.” (That’s in Celsius, of course.)

And then I was ID’d (to prove that I was, in fact, me.) Seriously. There are, like, 1100 people in my town. MAYBE three of us are over 6’3″. Apparently I should be a teensy bit less anti-social. Or, screw it, just continue to carry ID.

Still, I’m amazed by it. It’d be like the Lilliputians IDing Gulliver when he tried to rent an Xbox. Or something.

When I was leaving the building, I met The Monkey’s Mom in the doorway.  And maaaaybe committed a little voter fraud.*  I whispered, “Vote the right way… or else.”  Of course, she replied with “What the %&*$ do you want?”

When I got to the parking lot, I heard The Monkey yelling to me.  So, I walked over to the car.  She  looked at me, with a very serious expression, and asked, “They got any food in there?”

I nearly plotzed.  True story.

[*Dear authorities, it really wasn’t voter fraud. We were both laughing. And, technically, I didn’t say which party was the “right way” to vote.**] [**It’s the Liberals.]

0 thoughts on “I rock votes…

  1. I have to carry my ID everywhere here too :( whenever I don´t, I get kicked out of bars :( damn them! I bet there are very tall 16 year olds that don´t even know what an ID is…:(

  2. for a second, i forgot you’re in canada, and i thought you went to take care of the ‘early voting’ we’ve got going on here in the good ol’ USA. and i was totally going to highfive you for your little bit of voting fraud. the ‘right way’ means the liberal left, of course!

  3. Of course you had to have ID – you could very well have been two children on top of each other. (I assume you were wearing a long trench coat and sunglasses?)

  4. Well done! I told my brother who to vote for- and then stood by him while he called his friends to tell them who to vote for as well (they were planning on voting they just didn’t realize they would have to CHOOSE a party to vote for, because well, they are young and foolish and only like parties that involve beer). And for the record, one of my best friends admitted yesterday she voted conservative. There was a long silence after that.

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