I need a blogcation…

That’s right.

I said “blogcation.”

No, I’m not taking a break from blogging. I’m just taking a break from blogging here.

Instead I’m going to be doing a tour of other blogs. 7 days. 7 blogs. Guest posting each day.


It starts later this week.

Here is the tentative schedule:

Thursday:  Free and Flawed

Friday:   You’ll Grow To Love Me

Monday:  Clever Girl Goes Blog

Tuesday:   It’s like I’m… mmmagic

Wednesday:  Cleveland’s a Plum

Thursday:  No Ordinary Rollercoaster

Friday:  doniree.com

(Subject to change as I’ve only half-assedly cleared the schedule with the hosting bloggers.)

The best part is that none of these bloggers put limits on what I could write about on their blogs.  Hee hee hee.  Fools!

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