i met a girl

I did.

I really did!

I’ve actually thought about writing this post since about two days after I met her.

I met a girl.

And she completely blows my mind.


You’ll hate her a little at first. She’s THAT incredible. But you’ll come around. After talking to her for five minutes, you’ll be ready to join a cult if she starts one. (She almost certainly won’t.)

Oh. You want to know what she’s like?

Well… She’s almost exactly like me!

And, as you know, I loooooooooove me. It’s glorious.

Ahhhh. You want a less goofy answer? Bossy.

She’s one of the smartest people I’ve ever met. Seriously. She gets things. She’s curious. She is so infectiously excited when she is interested in something. She loves Netflix documentaries about space!!!! (Yes, I somehow managed to not propose as soon as I found that out.)

She’s soooooooo funny. On Easter morning, I asked this gorgeous, sleepy creature, “Did you hide any chocolate eggs for me?” She yawned and said, “Noooooo.” Then after the absolutely perfect amount of time, she added, “But that shouldn’t stop you from looking.” I’ve been laughing all week.

And her heart, you guys! Her heart is absolute magic. She is SO kind and sweet and supportive. I’m completely in awe of her. I would fucking go to war to protect her heart.

What does she look like? Sheesh. You’re shallow.

She’s the most beautiful woman (inside and out) that I’ve ever even imagined. She’s actually more stunning that I could have dreamed up. It’s like if Wonder Woman had a baby with a Fembot!

And she’s 5’11! In socks. The first time we met, she was wearing 3 inch heels. She was clocking in at 6’2″ (in case your math skills aren’t great) and we were almost eye to eye. It was amazing. Amazing.

(I’m not one to kiss and tell, but I’ve kissed her and let me tell you about it! We’ve kissed standing up. Standing. Up. I didn’t need to assume any kind of yoga position.)

She’s a writer! That needs more exclamation marks!!!!

And she loves my writing. Which, you know… *swoon*

She loves kids. She’s ridiculously good with them. She makes my ovaries hurt.

She loves puppies. That doesn’t affect my ovaries near as much.

She’s completely adorable. Oh God. So adorable. Almost unfairly so. It’s so wonderfully distracting.

Her hair makes me smitten.

Her eyes make me shy.

Her lips… make me want to stop typing this and spend more time with them.

If you’ve been reading my posts lately, you’ve already read about her. Actually, if you read my archives, it would appear that I’ve been writing about her for years without even knowing her. And I want to write many, many, many more posts. Books. Charming grocery lists. Flirrrrrrty haikus.

My big fear now is that I’ll somehow accidentally fuck it up.

Though I gotta believe that when the universe chose her as the person to send, my screwing up was factored in.

And thankfully she’s so very patient and understanding.

I’m underselling her. I know I am. But I want to spend a long time trying to accurately describe how amazing she is. I’ll ultimately be unsuccessful, but love the hell out of the trip.

I met a girl.

I’m so fucking excited.

photo credit: Walking in Yosemite via photopin (license)

8 thoughts on “i met a girl

  1. I’m excited for you too! (I didn’t include the f-word, like you did, before excited—that’s not my style—but the sentiment of it is there).

  2. awwwwwwww!!!!! <3 Im super freaking excited for u!! I really it works out :)I hope the universe is on your side.

    & LOVE the post. gosh, someone needs to say this about me one day.

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