i know you wanna kiss me

Here’s the thing about me:

If you’re cute, and I think you’re at least a little bit nifty, you’re going to be able to talk me into things. It’s just how it is.

Months back, a cute nifty lass and I started watching TV shows together. (From different locations.)

We did House of Cards.

We did Orange is the New Black.

We started Game of Thrones.

Then one fateful evening, she Whatsapped me something along the lines of “If you want to switch it up tonight, I know what we could watch…”

I was thinking, “Soccer? Animal House? A little classy girl on girl action?”

It said “typing…” under her name.

I waited patiently.

And then it appeared.

“Pretty Little Liars.”

And the smiling blushing emoji.

I laughed.

I shook my head.

I started typing my reply.


She was very excited. VERY.

Later that evening, we watched the first episode.

Now I should admit that I spent the first fifteen minutes Googling the ages of the actresses. I wanted to know who was actually young, and who was doing their best Ian Ziering and playing a high schooler ten years after they really graduated.

And after some confirmation, thus began my Emily crush. (Despite the fact that the character pretty much always looks at least a little constipated.) The crush only lasted for about a season.


I suppose at this point I should admit something else…

I’ve now seen every single episode of Pretty Little Liars.

How did we get there from agreeing to watch one episode? Good question.

In my defense, the first episode I watched ended in an intriguing cliffhanger. So did the next one. Annnnnnd the next one.

And despite the story having more red herrings than Pike Place Market, it sucks you in.

And keeps you there.

Also in my defense, my watching companion is pretty great.

(I’m sure you were wondering, so I’ll tell you that Hanna is now my favouritest character.)

At first when she asked what I thought of the episodes, I’d reply with things like:

“It wasn’t that bad.”

“Better than I expected.”

And later they turned to:


“Did that really just happen????”

“(emoji of a church) (emoji of poop)”

And I typed “Eeeeeeeeeep!” every five minutes, basically.

She laughed at my WhatsApps. Like, a lot. I think she enjoyed them almost as much as the show.

I also had theories. A lot of theories.

I still think an evil twin is involved!

Now the show is not without its flaws, of course. I mean, Rosewood is clearly the most statutory rapey town in the history of ever. At no point do grown male characters ever say, “Hey. She’s sixteen, perhaps I shouldn’t”

And can these chicks ever NOT make out with someone? Anyone that stands in front of them for more than three seconds is fair game. It lead to me sending multiple “I bet ya ten bucks Aria kisses him!” WhatsApps. I would have won every bet.

But, dear friends, the other day I actually sent a “I’m bummed we have to wait months for a new episode of Pretty Little Liars” message.

I don’t think her emoji reply came close to matching the actual size of the smile that gave her.

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