I… just like writing dialogue

“Am I going to get your best?”
“Probably not.”
“How come?”
“Well… maybe if you are around long enough.”
“Will I be around long enough?”
“I appreciate your candor.”
“I am nothing if not honest–”
“I see that.”
“– and handsome.”
“Are you so certain?”
“That I’m handsome?”
“That I won’t be around long enough.”
“Aren’t you afraid?”
“Missing out.”
“I don’t really think about that…”
“I don’t mean me specifically.”
“In general?”
“I don’t really think about that…”
“Maybe you should.”
“There are a lot of things I probably should do.”
“And yet…”
“Did you know that, in Korea, Spam is considered a prestigious gift for a wedding?”
“Changing the subject?”
“Well, killer whales are neither killers nor whales.”
“Guess who I am seeing in concert next week.”
“You aren’t.”
“I kinda hate you.”
“You really don’t.”
“I know.”
“Yeah… I think I’m going to be around for a while.”
“Maybe that wouldn’t be so terrible.”
“I really like your ponytail.”

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  1. Katie says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    and looks like that person is going to be around for a while. ;)

  2. JenBun says:

    You can’t sneeze with your eyes open.

    I like your ponytail too.


  3. Colleen says:

    Way to keep her guessing!

  4. AuburnKat says:

    I like my ponytail too…

  5. sid says:

    Oooh I have to know if this is an actual dialogue and an actual girl.

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