I just got off the phone with The ACN

When I first called, she was playing in her bed with her Webkinz. We chatted. (Turns out that Unc is a pain in the butt. Who knew? That’s a rhetorical question.)

Then we chatted while she ate chicken pot pie.

Then we chatted while she went to poop. (False alarm!)

While in the bathroom, she made me talk to her cat on the phone. I did the Meow Mix meowing song. The cat ignored, but The ACN giggled. Then I made a noise and she (The ACN) howled. Then I explained that it was an “angry purr” and she howled even louder.

Then we chatted while she ate more chicken pot pie. (Although she totally wanted to leave “me” in the bathroom.)


Last night when I called:

The babysitter explained that she had taken The ACN out for lunch.

Unc: You didn’t have a beer with lunch did you?

ACN: Yeah.

Unc: You are six! You can’t have beer.

ACN: *giggles*

Unc: You didn’t really have beer.

ACN: Yeah!

Unc: No!


Unc: NO!


Unc: Grrrrrr.

ACN: *giggles*


Two nights ago when I called:

I asked her if she was cute because she looked like me.

ACN: Yeah.

Mommy: Don’t you look cute because you look like Mama?

ACN: Yeah!!!

Unc: What about Unc?

ACN: *giggles*

Mommy: Does Uncle Pete look like Nipper?



0 thoughts on “I just got off the phone with The ACN

  1. heather: She honestly doesn’t need help to pick on me. My family just likes getting shots in on me. Granted, I’ve earned the abuse, but still…

    kylie: I know… At least it’s a cute dog, right? Right?

    stephanie (& susie): Webkinz are little stuffed animals that come with a code that allows you to log on to a website, where you'll find an online version of your animals. then you adopt, name them, feed them, etc. Kids love it.


    susie: Smart AND she loves picking on me. A lot.

    libby: The mommy is trying to pay me back for torturing her for decades.

    miriam: She totally does!

  2. lisa: Black facial hair?

    each: Exactly.

    mindy: On my non-existent list of favourites, you just moved down a couple of notches.

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