i just bought a new car, future wife

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, lovebug.

So I just bought a new car the other day.

Because I’m me, it involved a buttload of researching, crunching numbers, reading reviews, watching videos and… Well, let’s just say that less planning went into D-Day.

But when I found my car, I found my car.

Kind of like when I found you.

I just knew.

I hope you’re not offended that I compared you to a car just then.

Does it help that my car has a great-looking front end and amazing curves?

Probably not, right?

I loooooooooove you.

You’re making that face at me right now, aren’t you?

It’s okay. I’m pretty hard to stay mad at.

Unfortunately I’m pretty easy to GET mad at.

I’m a bit of a handful is what I’m saying.

So, yes, my car?

It’s all sorts of awesome.

It’s full of gadgets. It let’s me set the climate stuff and stereo stuff with voice commands.

It has heated seats to keep your lovely butt toasty.

My lovely butt too.

I was tearing down the highway the other day with a warm bum and “Yellow Ledbetter” cranked on Pearl Jam Radio and thought, “Damn, I like this car.”

Have you noticed that I’ve been talking a lot about a car in a letter that is to you and supposed to be about you?

You just nodded.

Here’s where I tie it all together…

After the deal was signed and I was getting ready to drive off the lot, I looked over at the passenger’s seat and imagined you sitting there. You were looking at me. My hand was on your leg.

My face practically exploded into a smile.

As I drove home, I thought about us driving places together. Deeply engrossed in conversations about the universe and space and how we’d go to Mars… if we could go together.

Or sitting quietly.

Listening to music. Simultaneously pleased that our musical tastes overlap so much, yet vary just enough that we can share new music with each other.

“One of the reasons why I picked this car is because it has a legit backseat,” I’ll say way out of the blue.

“So we can go parking down by the water?” you’ll ask with my favourite smirk.

“Well I was thinking so we could fit a carseat back there some day.”

“Awwww. Babe!”

“Though I have an idea for how we can combine both of our interests…”

I already picture us driving around in it, looking at houses for sale. Or checking out land to build on. Loading it up with our luggage (90% of which will be yours) to go to family events.

I bought a car the other day, darling. And after many, many hours of research, I realized that, to be perfect, it really only needed to have one thing going for it…

Plenty of room for you.


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