I jotted this down while listening to "Shiny Happy People"

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  1. JenBun says:

    “A sneer in smile’s clothing”– excellent line.

    I really like that you share writing– fiction, poetry, etc.– with all of us. It usually makes me want to step away from the blog for a second and go write something else, too. It’s all well and good that we write about ourselves a bunch, but I love the imagination, the imagery, the playfulness of the words, and the use of different forms that come from writing in different styles.

    Also, I appreciate that you put the title of the song you were listening to right in the title of the post. Last time, I got duped.

  2. Wormer says:

    “A sneer in smile’s clothing”
    OOOO! I like that line too!

    Very clever Peter. Colour me impressed.

    That’s right, I said ColoUr.

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