i haven’t been blogging, but…

I’ve been vlogging!

#VEDA 12

VEDA Day #16 – The Less Offensive Version

VEDA Day #15 – My Hat Is Prrrretty

VEDA Day #14 – “He Got Hit. In The Nuts!”

VEDA Day #13 – “Did You Order A Pizza?”

VEDA Day #12 – “Oh this is a good one!”

TIARA!!!! —>  VEDA Day #11 – Dressing Up is Not How Big Pete Gets Down

VEDA Day #10 – Some advice for the fellas

VEDA Day #9 – The song was from dirty dancing

VEDA Day #8 – Peter looks half asleep while talking about what excites him

VEDA Day 7 – ISTJ Personality Crap

VEDA Day #6 – No dancing allowed

VEDA Day #5 – Zombies are like hipsters

VEDA Day #4 – Peter forgets what he wanted to vlog about and Ashley is on the wine

VEDA Day #3 – Changing poopy diapers

VEDA Day #2 – She was topless in Superman’s cape!

VEDA Day #1 – Peter introduces himself and learns about shadows

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