I have a serious question…

What is the most embarrassing song that you can imagine to have playing in the background when you are caught masturbating?

Seriously. I want to know.

Friends, Romans, lurkers, feel free to weigh in.

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  1. Also, “This is the song that never ends” or whatever those puppets on Lambchop’s Play-Along sing.

    That kind of goes along with each of the two’s comment about kid’s songs. Just so, so inappropriate.

  2. I’m thinking it doesn’t get more cliche than “I Touch Myself.” And lord knows you don’t want to be cliche when masturbating.

  3. “Do they know it’s Christmas” Any song that relates to Live Aid. Or you know… starving, impoverished people in third world countries.

  4. I would have to say, anything sung by the Muppets or any other large group of animated/puppet characters.

    Well, either that or something sung by Donny Osmond.

    Your choice.

    ps – nice blog!

  5. How the fuck did y’all leave the entire Lionel Richie collection??? Walking in on a guy yanking to anything sung by that crooner would forever scar my brain.

  6. i have to admit that the theme from jaws made me laugh out loud. that’s pretty fucking fantastic, and i absolutely can’t top it.

  7. For some reason all i can think off is “Santa Claus is Coming to Town!”

    Don’t ask why….

    but also Childrens songs and stuff like that! (refer to every childlike refrence above)

  8. “Bananaphone” by Raffi. Anything by Raffi, actually.

    Willoughby, walloby, we,
    You walked in on me,
    Willoughby, walloby, wonson,
    Yankin’ on my johnson.

    I’d better stop now…

  9. Christmas Christmas by the Chipmunks.

    Father Figure by George Micheal.

    I’m every woman, Whitney Houston (if your a guy obviously).

  10. How about, “It’s Not Over” By Daughtry.

    “It’s not over. I’ll try to do it right this time around. This love is killing me, but you’re the only one…”


    I so amuse myself some days.

    And this question was too good to stay a lurker.

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