[I had a title and then forgot it…]

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  1. Jay says:

    I don’t see why we should keep our secret any longer; it’s time the world knew about us. Maybe.

  2. jazz says:

    you are so creative that i just assumed that it was one of your made up confections.

    you don’t often talk much about yourself over here. you have a lot of characters here we get to meet…

  3. Amber says:

    I have no idea how you managed to add mystery and intrigue to an already mysterious and intriguing poem – but you did.

    Very well done! :)

  4. Steph says:

    You are such a tease!!

    Poetry is incredibly personal though, and I admire you for putting it out there.
    I hope the girl in question gets the chance to appreciate it.

  5. cdp says:

    found you via indie bloggers, and may I please offer my deepest appreciation for the Blind Date post?

    umm . . . hilarious. seriously hilarious. very nicely done.


  6. Cait says:

    Maybe, just maybe, I figured it out. It’s about me. I know.
    I actually liked the poem for what it was and didn’t feel the need to ask questions. It sort of ruins it for me. It’s like that with any poetry.

  7. colonel eggroll says:

    “Maybe there are so few really pure experiences in life that when they appear, they should be celebrated.

    Maybe some special moments in time should be marked, but not dissected. Highlighted, but not questioned. Enjoyed, but not stressed over.

    And ALWAYS appreciated.”

    So true. Great post.

  8. The Stormin Mormon says:

    Damn it, now I just want French Toast…

  9. Airam says:

    Hmmm … things got a little more interesting.

    I wonder what she would say/do if she read it.

  10. Mood Indigo says:

    your writing, and reflecting, is getting better and better!

  11. Peter says:

    portland: I just… wasn’t sure if they were ready.

    jazz: Maybe it was made up.

    amber: Thanks! I’m a friggin’ mystery.

    steph: If I had realized it was poetry BEFORE hitting “publish” I might not have done it. Ehhh. I probably still would have.

    cdp: Thanks so much! And I appreciate you dropping in.

    cait: I’m with you. I like to put my own spin on things I read. Maybe because I am a raging egomaniac…

    colonel eggroll: Thanks so much!

    stormin’: Crap. Now I do too.

    airam: I try to keep it interesting for you loyal blogfriends.

    megan: Thanks! It still feels a bit weeeeird.

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