I gots nothin'

My creative energies are being focused elsewhere AND I am guest posting for Molly on Thursday and want to come up with something fun for her, so I am half-assing it here again today.

I got a new journally type deal for Xmas, and decided to jot something down last night after watching the awesomeness that is “The Wire.”

This is it, in all of it’s unedited glory. (Also, I have no idea what the title means either.)

(a) muse / (be) muse

There have been others before.
Some have inspired.
Few. Very few.
The rest were trusses on a bridge to nowhere.

Maybe if you knew I was watching,
It might diminish your power in some way.
Though probably not.
Fuck you, Heisenberg.

Like Irving Layton, offering
“a crown made from the choicest words,”
A muse must be wooed continuously.
Unabashedly. Almost feverishly.

Maybe if you knew I was watching,
You’d want to abdicate your pedestal.
I certainly hope not.
Fuck you, crippling self-doubt.

A primal proving of being deserving.
Even when you believe know that you aren’t.
Hoping that aspiring to it,
Will eventually get you there.

Maybe if you knew I was watching…
Well, perhaps you do.

0 thoughts on “I gots nothin'

  1. Your “I got nothin'” is a lot more interesting than my “I got nothin'” which usually consists of, mainly, “soooooo about my wedding.”


  2. That’s you doodling words? My word doodles consists of me writing my name a few times and then getting bored of that and moving on to drawing cubes.

  3. lspoon: Thanks. I am going to need it. I still don’t know what I am going to write about.

    clink: Why thank you. But, you don’t give yourself nearly enough credit.

    lisa: I like the dorkiness involved with Heisenberg.

    captain backire: Thank you!

    airam: My drawings are TERRIBLE. I gotta do something.

    pinknest’s pal: Hi Lauren!! Happy New Year to you as well.

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