I got a promotion!

The ACN told her mother that I am “the Mommy” now. “Old Mommy” is not impressed.

Here is ACN riding her new bike yesterday. That is her serious biking face. (Notice her co-pilot in the second one.)

She did so much biking that she got her first ever blister. And Uncle Pete/New Mommy had to rub her legs and little footsies for an hour before bed last night.

4 thoughts on “I got a promotion!

  1. New mommy? awwww very cute.
    I have four nephews and one niece and it’s just the best thing ever spending time with them.

  2. Being an uncle (and I’m assuming an aunt) is AWESOME, eh?

    It gives you free reign to unleash your inner spoiler. (not that my spoiling tendencies were hidden all that well.)

  3. That’s a pretty fancy bike. I work for a cooperative of schools for kids with special needs and they all love to go bike riding on our bikes like those. The ones that can support themselves in that position, that is.

    It was funny because we worked their legs in the bicycle motion during OT/PT one day and they were all whining. Did they whine on the actual bikes though? Never. Well, only when we were stopping.

    Ours are old and a crummy blue though. Not fancy schmancy red. Very cool.

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