i don't want to come up with a title

I wasn’t in the mood to write any fiction (or even “fiction”) for you characters today. Sooooooo there.

However, I was somewhat in the mood to blog, so I figured that I would take 5 minutes and post whatever was on my mind.

And now I will, you know, if I ever finish this intro.

Yesterday afternoon I was chatting with a friend* and we were discussing a female that had recently come into my life. I said that I wasn’t really interested, and she asked if it was because the woman had come on too strong from the start.

I replied that I thought that I had “outgrown” that mindset. I had visions of the games you play when you are younger. When you act aloof, pretend that you forget her name repeatedly, and pay a little extra attention to her cutest friend just to keep her off balance. (Hypothetically speaking.)

I also may have said, “I think that ALL women should show interest in me. Sheeesh.”

(Why do people talk to me?)

But, then my friend explained that she wasn’t talking about that, she meant that sometimes a person shows too much interest before you know how you feel about them, and that is a turn-off.

At least I think that is what she meant. To be honest, they had started talking about the Colts on the NFL Draft and I drifted out for a while.

[Speaking of, how impressed am I that the Colts passed on fibbing pothead Mario Manningham in the draft? I love that my team values things besides football skills. I dig that they draft more college graduates and good citizens than pretty much every other team. And it is not because it let’s me act all self-righteous and brag that my team is superior on AND off of the field. Well, it’s not JUST because of that…]

As she began to explain her stance again, I interrupted with, “I like when women show interest in me. I wonder if they are insane, but if they are cute, I roll with it.”

She ignored that, understandably, but she too had lost interest at this point and had begun shopping for dresses. Our conversations should be sponsored by ADD medications.

Still, I find myself today with some questions…

How do I feel about women making the first move? (Good!)

Is someone showing too much interest a turn off?

What is “too much” interest?

Did the Colts get the steal of the draft with Michigan RB Mike Hart in the 6th round?

*Please note that my friend didn’t like just being called “a friend.” I thought about calling her “Sara.” Which would have completely hidden her identity, because her name is actually Sarah**.

**Her name isn’t really Sarah. We have settled on me calling her “Saucy McMakesfunofmyfavouritesportsteams.”

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  1. lol. I completely neglected to realize that we are indeed like two people suffering from ADHD when chatting. I looked back at our convo and it went exactly like you described:

    Me: something about you and girls girls girls yada yada girls..
    —–15 minutes of silence—-
    Peter: Sorry! something about Colts
    Me: No worries! dresses dresses dresses dresses.

    I do love that you have been so helpful in my dress search for the gala this weekend btw. Ladies.. Peter is a keeper! ;)

  2. Bahaha…


    I think that as long as you stay in sync (pace…not boyband) with the potential date then you’re good to go. If the other person is playing it casual and cool, don’t talk about going away to meet the parents.

    It’s hard to pinpoint how long the cool and casual period should last though…my dates always meet my folks early because they’re always out being drunk and hilarious while we’re trying to do the same.

  3. The whole showing too much interest right away is such a fine line to walk.

    However, as I get older I realize that “too much” interest is not such a bad thing anymore and that actually its way more productive than the whole “does he or does he not like me” game I have played so many times before.

    Plus ultimately, too much interest is never enough if you really like the person and then you have nothing to worry about!

    Conversely, too much can become much too much all too quickly if you don’t.

    I am rambling. You know what I mean.

  4. I don’t know … I get the whole “don’t play games” line of thinking but I think that showing too much interest too soon is kind of creepy. I always wonder what’s wrong with the person.

  5. Delurking to voice my agreement – yes, the Colts are amazing and awesome and it’s totally okay to tune out a dating conversation in favor of anything Colts related. So glad that I’m not the only one in the blogosphere who thinks so.(though I, uh, haven’t talked about it on my blog. yet.)


  6. Is jumping on someone and wiggling around without his consent considered “coming on too strong”?

    NOT THAT I’VE DONE THAT. (often)

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