I came here looking for something / I couldn't find anywhere else

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  1. Awww first date fuzzies. :)

  2. Amanda says:

    I love that song. Also, I SWEAR I once went to play “Suspicious Minds” on a jukebox – and I had to play the Yoakum cover version. I’m not even kidding.

    This reminds me so much of growing up in the country…

  3. angela says:

    Have you ever been to Bakersfield? God there is notttthhhiing in that town. And I live way too close to it. :P

  4. I wish my first dates were more like this…..

  5. A burger (no cheese) is the only proper thing to order at a diner. Every girl knows that.

  6. Joe says:

    Maybe I just noticed this for the first time in your writing, but I like how we saw what the girl was thinking about the guy. Usually it’s only the other way around. Which is how I feel it is in real life, anyway.

  7. This would be the best first date ever.

  8. Kyla Roma says:

    I’m a vegetarian and I’m with you- the tofu card is pushing it, especially on a first date. I always try to coast on the smitten on that issue.

  9. BS says:

    Peter, sometimes I think you’re hopeful enough to make up for the rest of us.

    But I’m with Angela on Bakersfield.

  10. Doniree says:


  11. warm and smitten. sigh.

    also excellent music references in this post buddy.

  12. Heather Rose says:

    I’m always warm and smitten when I hear someone else recognize how ATROCIOUS Nickelback is. ^_^

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