I apologize for my gender…

I really don’t know much about Askmen.com, so perhaps this article isn’t a good representation of what they are all about, but if it is…

Some maroon wrote: “6 Ways To Tell Your Girl to Lose Some Weight” AND he is apparently the “Relationship Consultant.”

I don’t even know where to start.

Let’s ignore the obvious fact that the dudes complaining about their women gaining weight probably aren’t exactly prize winners themselves. And also, let’s ignore that these dudes are just feeding into the insanity that is leading more and more women to eating disorders.

That’s a lot to ignore.

Instead, let’s focus on the advice itself.

In his first bit of advice, he says that you should tell your woman that you don’t like the way her favourite outfit fits her anymore. Subtle, right? He finishes that nugget up with “… suggest a looser knit and watch her skip the nachos with cheese forever.”

Has this dude even met a woman before?

He also recommends buying an outfit for her that is obviously too small, and claiming that the salesperson said it was for a “smaller woman” so you figured it would fit her.

Man… come on.

Finally he closes with the idea of telling her “Let’s help each other lose a couple of pounds.” Besides being the plot of a like 4 different episodes of “The King of Queens,” that comment is going to elicit a reply of “You think I need to lose a few pounds?” and get you a much deserved knee in the speed bag.

But, that’s just my opinion. I’m no Relationship Consultant.

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  1. Wow. This article is a bit harsh, but it does show you the standards that women are expected to live up to in order to “keep a guy.” What really gets to me is that you’ll never see an article like this in a woman’s magazine instead you’ll find dozens articles on how to keep a guy sexually satisfied and recipes for romantic dinners. Where’s the article to convince the fat guy in your life to stop drinking beer and get rid of that pregnant beer gut?

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