i want to cuddle with you
under a tree
on a patchwork blanket
you’ve had since you were a kid
reading to you
as i play with your hair
while you try to convince
a lady bug passing by
to take the scenic route
over your finger
with the sun warming
and the breeze cooling
your bare legs
you snuggle
your freckling nose
into my chest
trying to remember
a stronger feeling
of contentment
i want to watch you get ready
the adorably meandering journey
to utter perfection
making up eyes
that need no adornment
but love playing dress up
pulling on your shirt
for the third time
this second choice
i play with your sparkly headband
as you show me your bum
asking how it looks
and i reply with words lacking vowels
before my kiss wonders if
we can just stay in
and yours replies that
the night will be worth it
i want to do it all again

2 thoughts on “huge

  1. argh… you slay me… slack-kneed… dreamy…. can’t remember what I was doing…. huh? did you say something?
    It’s a magical gift Peter.

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