How YOU doin'?

You are looking well. Been a long time.

I’m sorry I didn’t call. Work has been nuts. You know what that’s all about.

I really did have a good time that night. And it wasn’t because of the food.

Don’t blush. Your cuteness distracts me too much already.

We should do it again. Soon.

Tonight works for me.

How about you wear that halter top I like so much? You said it was “coral.” Is that even a colour? And how about your hair down?

I’d like that a lot.

Cancel your other plans. You know you are going to anyway. Why fight it?

Excellent. I’ll pick you up. We’ll drive to the beach. A little picnic. Then a long walk. Finally back to your place for…

Well, you know… Don’t play coy.

What else would a guy and girl do alone on a gorgeous Thursday night?

That’s right, listen to the “Capital Rock Show” podcast.

Seriously, wear the halter top.

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