How my brain works #9732

Where: My bed

When: 4:41 am

What: Slowly (half) wake up. Realize that I am not actually at some convention in a hotel with Amy Adams. Think, “A dream is a wish your penis makes.” Chuckle. Turn TV on, find episode of Seinfeld. Go back to sleep.

0 thoughts on “How my brain works #9732

  1. When I saw that picture I thought she looked so familiar but couldn’t place her. Then I clicked on the link and saw the list of stuff she’s done and realize I recognize her from those three episodes of The Office. This made me realize that I don’t watch nearly enough of tv/movies.

  2. Swap out Amy Adams for Kate Winslet. Swap out convention for dance hall, circa 1942. Ah yes, much better.

    A belated thank-you for the quiz, it would appear you’re the source! I tracked backward from “Bewitched in LA” to find your blog. My girlfriend and I had fun eSwapping profiles with it.

    Kind regards,
    S. Amou

  3. She kinda makes me wish that I either looked like her or that I was a lesbian.
    But I’ll bet she doesn’t have pictures of her as a kid with seaweed on her head at the beach

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