How my birthday started…

Around two in the morning, The ACN was crying. Might have been a bad dream.

She would not go for the “let’s have a ten minute countdown cuddle and then you’ll go back to bed.”

She would not go for the “would you like to sleep with your mommy and daddy?”

She wanted Unc and Unc only.

Can’t really blame her for that, I suppose.

So, for the second Saturday in a row, it was a slumber party.

We both slept well. Then around 6 am…


I woke up and she had swung her arms in her sleep and popped me on the nose.

I laughed.

Then I noticed that she was dreaming. Every few minutes she’d break into a smile.

Cutest thing I have EVER seen.


I fell back asleep for another hour before we both woke up.

Peter: Hi.

She smiled.

Peter: Are you Unc’s birthday present?

ACN: Yeeeah.

Peter: Since it’s his birthday, can Unc give you a kiss?

ACN: Yeeeah.

Peter: Can Unc move you over a little since you are being a bed hog and he is hanging over the side?

The ACN shook her head “no.”

0 thoughts on “How my birthday started…

  1. Come on Peter you should know by now that you can only ask for so much from the ACN before she starts to put you in your place!!


  2. I can’t believe you more or less got kicked out of your own bed by a little girl. What do you do when a big girl is in your bed? Sleep on the floor?

  3. I’m glad she was willing to give you some leeway since it was your birthday but i’m glad she kept her ground on the important stuff.

    She is way too cute for words!

  4. It’s absolutely precious reading the snippets about you and the ACN. The way you interact. The way she melts your heart. They’re special moments and I love being invited to experience them with you.

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