0 thoughts on “hey, it's de-lurking day

  1. I’m not exactly a lurker. However, fun fact of the day, I’m related to Edward R Murrow. Also, my favorite color is green. I like spaghetti. My favorite font is Georgia. Erm, that’s basically all the pertinent details you need to know.

  2. Hi. My name is Meghan, pleasure to blog stalk you. I like to dip my grilled cheeses in bbq sauce (the underrated cousin to that slut, ketchup). Try it, you may like it. Or not.

  3. Hi Peter. It’s me…in case you forgot. My secret is that I haven’t written anything on my blog in a long time because I don’t want to admit that I’m not happy right now. Putting it in writing makes it more real. Promise I’ll be a better blogger soon.

  4. I left a comment once so I’m only a quasi lurk.
    I have been known to pretend I’m going back into a store just so that someone can’t get my parking space…especially if they are waiting impatiently in a big SUV when there are open spaces farther away.

  5. I’m not really a lurker, but I’m sure you want your regulars to play along too…

    I think all facts about me are fun.

    One (fun! exciting! wonderful!) thing you may or may not know… I think guys with brown eyes are the sexiest, based partially on the fact that I was once told that someone with blue eyes would break my heart. (And green is too close to blue.)

  6. I think I’ve commented before…anyway…love reading your blog!
    Fun fact – I have to have the same type of cup and same kind of straw with my daily fountain pop…or I get super pissed off!!

  7. i totally failed to put the delurking thingamabob on my blog today. BLOG FAIL.

    interesting fact: until about the age of 15, i narrated everything that was happening to myself in my head, in the 3rd person. because i wanted to be laura ingalls wilder and write novels about my childhood.

  8. Something interesting about me…I wear the majority of my socks inside out. Does that work? =) Actually, does that get me a date with you? I’m preparing myself for this competition which I’m hoping you will have!

  9. Hi! First visit to your blog, fun post! :)
    Fact about me: I’m a Hungarian from Budapest who was dating a South African till 1 week ago when South African accidentally came across my blog and decided to dump me for what I wrote about him. Dooooh. Loser. (Not him, me :)

  10. I’m a total lurker. I read blogs and rarely comment even though I almost always have a sarcastic comment on the ready. Alright….a confession…I’m a sucker for geeky guys. I have a severe quasi-secret crush on one of my best friends. Shhh! Heaven forbid I make my feelings known!

  11. Luv your blog! Found it via Steph’s now-defunct blog.

    Fun fact about me? I loooove Canada, when i lived there and once had my bike stolen, not only did i get it back in one piece but was also offered compensation for my pain & suffering! Sweet!

  12. I do think it’s humor-full that I lurk you too, and have never commented. I like your fun fact idea.

    But I don’t do what people tell me. So, I’m not going to tell you that I was published in Parade Magazine when I was in 4th grade saying “I think Mr. Clinton is really trying, and that is most important.”

    Just not doing it. :)

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