hey, it's a new post

I’ve been thinking about new ideas for stuff to do on my blog.   Many I’ve dismissed.

“Too time-consuming.”

“Too expensive.”

“Would require too many meerkats.”

But some I kind of liked.  Some would make this blog more fun for me and you.  Some would change the way you read blogs FOREVER.

However today I am just gonna do a recap of this year’s blog posts.


I had some pretty strong feelings about mittens.

I wrote a trilogy of short stories (with pretentious latin titles) that didn’t really conclude:

Desunt cetera

A contrario

A fortorio

I mentioned Waylon Jennings in the title of a post.

I took a serious look at relationships.

I kinda like this word doodle.

This one too.

This dude should have been wearing mittens.

I have a big noggin.

Sexy flu.

Of learning how to speak French.

Munchkin turned 7!

A word doodle based on a random pic.

This one is too.

Hmmm.  I see a trend developing.

A bit of a sad(dish) word doodle.

I like your bum. (I really do.)

And then I wrote a book.

Requisite Halloween post.

Bossy little chicks.

Happy New Year!

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  1. Oh Peter! As long as you include more word-doodles that I can pretend are secretly love letters for me, it will be the best blog in the world!

  2. Cliffsnotes! YES!

    (Admittedly, I just had to look that word up to make sure I was spelling it right, and I wasn’t. Always thought it was ‘Cliffnotes.'”)

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