He Thinks / She Thinks

A few weeks back, I realized that I needed to find a new hobby. I decided to learn how to read minds. I got quite good at it. But, now I’ve become bored. I think I may teach myself how to play guitar or something. However, I suppose I’ll give you a little demonstration of my powers. Powers so finely-tuned that I can even read the minds of people in photographs. Impressive, no?

So, here goes…

She is thinking:

I think that I have finally found him. I know that I’ve said it before, but this time I really, truly believe it. He’s unlike anyone I’ve ever met. So good. So sweet. So kind. And he loves me. A lot. I can tell. He calls me without prompting. He never lets me walk on the outside of the sidewalk. He holds doors open. He makes me breakfast. He never stares at my friends’ asses.

I always feel safe with him. He makes me feel so comfortable just being myself. He accepts me as I am. He makes the things in me that I thought were weakness, seem like strengths. I’ve never felt more like myself than when I am with him.

My friends and family are a little jealous of how well he treats me. And I like that more than I would ever admit. They see how he stares at me. And when he looks in my eyes… It’s just… Wow.

For the first time in my life, I can see myself with this person forever. I know that he’d be there for me during my darkest hours. I want to grow old with him. He was brought into my life for a reason. And I never, ever want to let him go.

I love him.

He is thinking:

You know, I’d TOTALLY still do Sharon Stone.

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  1. That… is… amazing…

    I played guitar for a number of years. It was fun, but not nearly as fun as playing air-guitar. Now that’s the way to play guitar!

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