Have you ever…

Have you ever felt like you weren’t accomplishing everything that you are capable of?

Like you weren’t making full use of your skills and talents?

And not necessarily to gain fame and fortune.

Though that could be part of it.

Like you also weren’t giving enough back?

Not helping everyone that you could?

Maybe it stems from your 6th grade teacher taking you aside, out of the blue, and telling you that, “I know that you can accomplish anything you want in this world.”

Maybe it’s pure ego.

It’s those sudden feelings of, “I have to do more.”

Do you ever have those?

They feel like messages sent back from a future version of yourself. A wiser version. He’s warning about the pain of regret and telling you to gather ye rosebuds while ye may.

They are never surprises when they arrive. You already knew.

The biggest question is…

Are you going to step up an do something about it?

Or will you be writing this same blog post in six months?

0 thoughts on “Have you ever…

  1. It’s kind of a treading water…

    While you are whipping down the river of time, and watching all kinds of cool things zip by on the river bank.

    Though today I am feeling a bit more proactive. Thankfully.

  2. I call it running on a hamster wheel. Working hard, but not really going anywhere.

    The key is to use these thoughts to motivate yourself…not allow them to mature into full-on self-doubt and loathing.

    Let that stinkin’ thinkin’ come from your dysfunctional family. Oh, wait. We’re not talking about you anymore are we?

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