Have some self-respect, man!

She dumped you. She dumped you for HIM. That Aussie surfer bastard. Blaine? What kind of name is that?

Still, you have to get over it.

So, you got yourself a make-over. I can respect that. You look good.

But why forgive her? Now that she’s not popular anymore, she thinks she can get you to come running back? Screw her, man!

If I was you, I’d be calling Simone. She’s 256 shades of hot.

Just saying, is all…

One thought on “Have some self-respect, man!

  1. See, first I thought you were writing like to yourself. And then, I thought, maybe you were writing to a friend. But then I hovered over the links. And then I laughed so hard, all of the ladies at work gave me scornful looks. They’re just jealous because Ken isn’t friends with them.

    Now, to undertake the journey of reading your entire blog. Huzzah!

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