Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

– When The ACN arrived on Friday, as usual, she got her mommy to honk the horn repeatedly until Uncle Pete ran out to get her. When I took her out of the car, and started getting my hugs, she informed me that she wasn’t happy to be here and that she wanted to go back home. (Giggling the entire time.) Her mommy told her that they were staying. So, The ACN decided that she wanted me to make her a sign with the name of her town on it and hang it around her neck, and then put her in Chair-y and roll her to the side of the road so she could hitch hike home. (Then lots of giggling.)

– Uncle Pete got Nipper (The ACN’s puppy that you can see in the picture) into a bit of trouble before Thanksgiving dinner. Nipper likes playing with this weird, hard rubber toy. It is meant to be an outside toy, but Nipper doesn’t understand that. And, as we’ve learned, neither does Uncle Pete. In my defense, I asked The ACN if I should keep throwing the toy for Nipper to chase, and The ACN said, “Yeah!!” Which, obviously, carried more weight with me than the rest of the family saying things like:

“That is not for in the house!”
“You are going to wreck something.”
“Peter, that dog is destroying the hardwood floors.”

Plus, Nipper is a furry con artist. She’ll bring the saliva covered toy and drop it on my lap and then put her puppy head on my leg and stare up at me with big brown puppy eyes. How do you refuse that?? I think The ACN tipped off Nipper that I’m the sucker in the family.

Anyway, I was feeding The ACN some string cheese with one hand and playing fetch with Nipper with the other. As always, we had a few close calls with the toy and/or Nipper running into glass doors on entertainment cabinet dealies. These things happen.

Then Uncle Pete tossed the toy a little higher than usual and Nipper jumped up and deflected it with her nose. The toy changed directions and went sailing over the top of the TV. However, it hit a collection of figurine dealies that my mother is attached to. One of them broke. It was the special “grandmother” one too. My mother was someplace south of impressed, but shockingly blamed Nipper. She said some bad words. (My mother, not Nipper.) Though none amused me as much as…

– Quote of the Weekend: When my mother found out that my father decided that everyone should go sailing an hour before my sister’s birthday dinner…

“That man could fuck up a two car parade.”

0 thoughts on “Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

  1. I’m going to steal that quote as well.

    Also: adopt me! Please! I could be the token non-Canadian of your awesome family!

  2. lisa: Feel free. It completely cracked me up.

    clink: Totally doable. My family are adopting machines. And somehow my mother would learn your favourite dishes and have them ready for you. She may be a witch.

  3. ashley: Enjoy it!

    camikaos: Her delivery made it funnier. As soon as she said it, she was already on to contingency plans for a later dinner.

    princess: It may be her first ever quote I’ve posted here. Except for the “YOU wanted kids” that she’s been saying to my Dad for years.

    sarah leigh: I talk to myself all the time. Is that bad?

    paige jennifer: She’s looking to trade me since since I started talking, so you may have a shot.

    airam: I do indeed. Playing with the little squirt, lots of sports AND turkey.

  4. Well, add me to the list of people who are stealing that quote.

    Also, re: dog and toy — that is what my dog does. She gets the toy impossibly covered with spit, then she comes at me with it (she does not drop it, however, because she thinks it’s more fun to have me pull on it and try to get it away from her, when there’s no possible way I can get hold of it because a) she moves around too fast and b) the toy is impossibly covered with spit). So I guess it’s more like she gets the toy completely covered with spit then she comes up to me and jams it into my lap. At this point, I usually say “Thanks, I needed dog spit on my pants” and then she looks up at me with those giant brown dog eyes and I have to play with her because I am such a sucker.

    Wow, I just wrote way too much about my dog.

  5. ACN is adorable, as ever.
    Thanks for making me laugh – or I guess I should thank your mom! Balls!
    Now I guess we know where you get your humor…

  6. jamelah: I’m just glad that I’m not the only one who can’t resist the brown puppy eyes.

    valerie: Honestly, I have traits from both sides of the family.

    mindy: The ACN and Nipper are pretty in love. And you already have a cute puppy.

    molly: She made me take a bunch of pics of her with my phone. She didn’t let me stop until the battery crapped out.

    sybil: It’s weird. My mom’s side of the family is pretty dry and sarcastic. But, she isn’t. She laughs hardest when people get hurt. (As does my sister and The ACN.) But, my father’s sense of humour is closer to mine.

  7. I know I already have a cute puppy but there is something about stealing things from children that really makes me happy! Come on!

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