Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

At the start of every school week, The ACN’s teacher reads out little reports that each student brings in about their weekend. The ACN and I just finished hers to take to school tomorrow:

ACN’s Weekend
(October 10-13, 2008)

My Mommy & Daddy had to go to a wedding this weekend, so I got to go to Cape Breton again. Yay!

Since it was Thanksgiving weekend, we had Thanksgiving dinner at my Nanny & Grandpa’s house.

I was the hostess. We called the place “[The ACN]’s Bistro.” (Bistro is another word for a restaurant.)

Me and my Uncle Pete made menus and place cards for all the guests. (I brought some with me today to show you guys.) Even Nipper got a place card!

We also put signs on the door of the house that said, “Welcome to [The ACN]’s Bistro!” I used pictures of Winnie the Pooh and Piglet having Thanksgiving dinner to decorate.

The meal was a big success and everybody loved eating at my Bistro!

And here are some pics:

The menu was:

Roast Turkey
Apple Crisp
[ACN] Pies*

and Extra Cuteness!

(*[ACN] Pies are very similar to lemon tarts.)

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  1. That is, of course, just the epitome of adorable! I LOVE Nipper’s place card!!

    Also, excellent use of the maple leaves. :D

    Happy Thanksgiving, Canadians!!!

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