Happy Birthday, Blog!

Today is my blog’s first birthday! Pretty exciting, eh? 276 posts.

Feel free to send my blog cards, presents, or pictures of yourself dressed as a naughty librarian.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, I am giving you my top ten favourite posts of the year. (A list that changes almost hourly.)

10. “Some People Are Just Touchy”
9. “General Days of Our Bold Passions & the Restless”
8. “Clap!”
7. “Friday Flip-off #3”
6. “Touch”
5. “Sara’s Apartment”
4. “If My Blog Was Anonymous”
3. “April”
2. “George”

And of course…

1. “The Best Day of the Year.”

0 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Blog!

  1. Awesome, congratulations PeterDeWolf.com. I’d send cake but I don’t think it’d survive the trip very well, and the customs agents would probably eat it anyway.

    I’ll have to try and find the time later to read those selections. Ah, time, I miss thee.

  2. Congratulations!

    I’d never read the ACN’s birth story. It brought tears to my eyes. So, when are you going to buy her that pony?

  3. Happy Birthday PeterDeWolf.com.

    And many more.

    Oh..and you lool like a monkey.

    Not sure if you smell like one though.

  4. Happy Birthday to blog
    Happy Birthday to blog
    Happy birthday, dear peterdewolfdotcom
    Happy birthday to blog

    You’re such a great reaaaaaaad!!!!!

    (You really need to sing this one out loud to get the full effect… preferably in a room full of people.)

  5. Happy blogiversary. My blog just turned two the other day, and yet I still don’t think I’m up to 276 posts. Clearly you are more prolific than I.

  6. Wow, I can’t believe that my blog had/has been around for almost two years and I’m only at 198 posts…

    Congrats Pete.

  7. Thanks, folks! I appreciate it.

    That’s a lot of posts, eh? Apparently I’m a yappy bastard.

    (Eve: Thanks. And don’t worry, the pony purchase is still planned!)

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