Happy accidents…

This is easily one of the coolest shirts ever. EVER!

However, in men’s sizes, it only comes in 50% cotton/50% polyester. Polyester? This isn’t a leisure suit. T-shirts are supposed to be cotton. Cot-ton.


But, alas, Bob Ross was never about raging. Bob Ross was about peace… nay, peace AND love.

And Bob Ross was lousy with zen.

That was his appeal.

I can remember playing in a high school basketball tournament in scenic picturesque half-decent Truro, Nova Scotia. It was Saturday morning and our next game was getting close to starting. However, 3/4 of the team was in our motel room watching Bob Ross. There was no way in the world that we were leaving for the game until Bob was done painting.

Eventually we went. And probably lost.

I do wonder if we used our signature song for the beginning of warm-ups though. We typically came charging out of the locker room to…

Ice-T’s “Colors.”

It probably never occured to us that the only team in the history of basketball that was whiter than us won the state championships in the film HOOSIERS.

At one point we used Billy Idol’s “Dancing With Myself” to begin warm-ups. I am really not sure what that was all about.

It could have been worse. When we played Judique High, they used Aerosmith’s “Dude Looks Like a Lady.” That made me giggle every time we played them. What also made me giggle was remembering the time I elbowed their best player in the face. It was awesome.

I went up and grabbed a defensive rebound. When I came down, I immediately brought my elbows up and started swinging them. (In basketball, this is the equivalent to being able to shoot someone who broke into your house. ) I vaguely remember a satisfying feeling, but I spotted our point guard breaking up the floor so I passed the ball and ran up the floor mysef. A teammate told me that the guy – the biggest jerkass on their team – got hit very hard squarely in the jaw. And that he ran after me – like Bambi on ice – trying to keep his balance while he threw punches at the back of my head. Gold, Jerry. Gold.

(I think it’s funny that most guys my age tell high school sports stories involving them scoring the winning basket or catching a big touchdown. Mine involve Bob Ross and getting to crunch a tool in the jaw. It’s all about priorities, really.)

What was my point? Oh yeah, Bob Ross is awesome. And my high school basketball team was very white. In fact, Bob Ross might have referred to us as “titanium white.”

See how I did that?

And now, watch some Bob goodness!

3 thoughts on “Happy accidents…

  1. Ah, Bob Ross.

    I remember flipping through the local public broadcasting stations and spotting the large-haired man, calmly walking us through every brushstroke, soothing us with his ever easy-going demeanor. Between he and Mr. Rogers I think you could enter a buffer space — a perfect haven of calm and universal love.

  2. Bob Ross is on “record any time” on my Ti-Faux.

    But if you get an awesome Bob Ross T-shirt, as I did, make sure you get the one that donates some of the proceeds to his charity thing.

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