Grade 1 (Or "the first grade" for you American types)

The ACN is starting grade one today.


I’m excited. I really am. But, because I am me, I am a wee bit stressed.

Though not nearly as stressed as I was last year. (Of course, fighter pilots in a combat zone aren’t as stressed as I was last year.)

Everything I said last year is still true. (So, just go read that, lazies!) When I asked her about school last night on the phone, she again told me she was excited. And, once again, there were squeals of absolute delight.

SO cute.

Hopefully I’ll have some pics of poodle pop’s big day to post later.

UPDATE: The ACN wouldn’t let her Mommy go with her to meet the teacher because she’s a big girl now. Ha!

0 thoughts on “Grade 1 (Or "the first grade" for you American types)

  1. I am nervous, too! It must be the mom in me. My own just started kindergarten, and I am still nervous every day. The ACN is beautiful, by the way. You definitely need to post pictures! The story and pictures from last year were so sweet…

  2. I remember reading the ‘first day of kindergarten’ blog last year. i feel old.

    i need to work in a district that goes back after Labor Day. My kindergarteners came back on the 22nd. Though we’re done like May 29th or something like that. I do enjoy that part.

  3. i love that, when adults are all nervous and scared and the kid is all, “peace out!”

    that doesn’t make any sense probably but it does in my head.

  4. i know exactly what you mean, jazz. i had more parent criers than kindergarten criers on the first day. the kids stopped crying once breakfast was served but the parents wept the whole way out to the car.

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