Gordon & Mildred

This is Gordon & Mildred.

Their 60th wedding anniversary was yesterday.

60 years.

Sure, they’ve seen their ups and downs. But, they are as in love today as they were the night they met.

He had just returned from the war. She was with friends in the malt shop.

He was in love right away. She took some convincing.

That was pretty much a theme with them.

He had to talk her into marriage.
He had to talk her into kids.
He had to talk her into scuba lessons.
He had to talk her into skydiving on their 50th anniversary.

And, without fail, she was thankful every single time for his persistence.

There is no other man she would have rathered spend her life with.

When she broke her hip 4 years ago, he carried her up the basement steps and drove her to the hospital. He spent every day sitting beside her hospital bed. And when she could go home, he did EVERYTHING for her. They have 2 children that live locally, but Gordon didn’t want or need their help. Mildred is his wife and he can take care of her.

And so he did.

When Mildred opened her present from Gordon yesterday evening, she was floored. If anyone else had of been there, they would have thought, “A simple shawl? For such a huge anniversary?”

But, this wasn’t any shawl.

It looked EXACTLY like the one that Mildred’s mother wore all the time, when Mildred was young. Mildred’s mother (Augusta) left it to Mildred when she passed. And Mildred cherished it. But, like most of the couple’s belongings, the shawl was destroyed in the house fire back in ’68.

Mildred was crestfallen, but she knew that she had to focus on taking care of the kids and rebuilding their home and life.

She had almost forgotten about the shawl. Until now. A flood of emotions came rushing back and she weeped. She hugged Gordon.

“Thank you, sweetie.”

Mildred had been having a harder time thinking of something to buy Gordon. He asked for so little. And anything you did give him would make him very happy.

So, she said that he could have anything in the world. And no matter what he asked for, she would do everything in her power to get it for him.

He deserved it. He is a great husband.

He made his request. Then she put on her shawl and got into their Cadillac and drove to their grandson Trey’s apartment.

Trey had the internet. And he was going to help his grandmother find the present. He adored his grandfather as much as Mildred did. Everyone did.

Trey went to Google.com as Mildred fetched the piece of paper out of her pocket. Her memory wasn’t what it used to be and she wanted to make sure that she got it exactly right. She spelled it out for Trey, and he hit “search.”

Mildred adjusted her bi-focals as she stared at the picture that popped up on the screen…

“THAT’S a dirty sanchez?!?”

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  1. Incredible story and a completely unexpected ending. After reading you for a while it feels like it shouldn’t have been so unexpected, but just the same it was.

    And Gordon should get that mole on his back checked out :-D

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