golden delicious

her unruly mane
refuses to be tamed
lightened already
by the sun’s kiss
the best laid
hair plans
gone awry
pulled back
into the room
lace nude
bra and underwear
doing a job
she makes easy
her dress is on her bed
so is
doesn’t look up
tapping away
at his laptop
having cornered
the words
the white wrap dress
she puts on
he calls
the cleavage dress
she adjusts the
pink trimmed neckline
doesn’t look up
she’s irked
noticing an apple
placed on her bedside table
a product of
her skipping
too many breakfasts
she grabs it
takes a bite
looks up
the juice runs
down her chin
he pulls her in close
kisslicks her lips
and chin
and neck
she takes another bite
the juice runs
down her arm
he takes her wrist
licks from her elbow
she takes another
and slowly
apple wet fingers
her cleavage
he leans in
she puts her hand
in his hair
he kisses
between her breasts
she loves it
stubble against
her soft skin
he tosses
his laptop
she gets on top of
his lap
he runs
his hands up
her thighs
she leans in
his head back
bites his lower lip
moves her hips
leans into his ear
and purrs
glad it wasn’t a pop tart

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