girl at the stop light…

I believe in fate.
I believe in chance.
I believe that is why we ended up at this stop light.
I trust in love.
I trust in randomness.
I trust in their co-dependence.
Or interdependence.
I notice that you bite your lower lip when you think.
I notice you singing along to your music.
I notice you noticing me.
I am excited by your smile.
I am excited by the twinkle in your eyes.
I am excited by you asking me to put my window down.
So, I do.
I wonder what your voice will sound like.
I wonder if my life is about to change.
I wonder what you will say…

“Your travel coffee mug is on your roof, you douche!”

0 thoughts on “girl at the stop light…

  1. This was the most atmospheric post I have read in ages up until “I wonder what you will say..”

    Then, it became the funniest one as well.


  2. Ha! This reminds me of a time I was in college. I was in the parking lot getting ready to leave and jumped in my car and was on my way out the parking lot. This dude in a truck starts to kinda stare and wave and honk. And I’m thinking, “wow … and I’ve got my hair up and I’m dressed down! Look at all the attention I’m getting!”

    Well … my binders were on the roof of my car! I was driving with my binders on my car. It was very embarrassing.

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